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A website for your square dance club or caller at no cost with no web skills required

Our group's mission is to support square dancing, square dancers, square dance callers, and square dance clubs throughout the world. Through this domain we offer a chance for clubs that have no website or website skills to be represented on the web. We ask for nothing in exchange, although we will include a link to our primary website, Traveling Hoedowners, on the page we build for you. Of course we would appreciate it if your club made your students and club members aware of our products.

For us to help you, you will need to supply some basic information. We cannot do constant updates to your site, but if you have changes that need to be made ... new caller, change in location, better photos, new schedule, special events (but not too often, please) ... we will do our best to accommodate you. These sites are not built to your specifications - we control the layout and design using a set of standard templates.

If you eventually build your own website, please let us know and we will remove the site we built for you and change the link in our master site index to point to your new site. At a minimum, clubs should send us:

It would help if you also suppled:

A note on posting photos:

You may email photos to go on your site, but the number of photos to be placed directly on your site (rather than in a slideshow or otherwise through redirection to another URL) will be limited at our discretion. We will try to help and advise. You should have some photos, as already noted, but if you want to post many photos you will need to post them yourself and supply a link. There are many websites that will let you upload photos cheaply or even for free. In some cases we will post a slideshow for you, but you will have to get the photos to us by email (for a small number) or by sending them on a CD. For more information in this area, please contact us.


We may limit the size and complexity of your site as we see fit. If you have a lot of material to be posted, need frequent updates, or if you want to control the layout and flow of your site, we cannot help you. It is up to you to review your site and make sure information is correct and up-to-date. Requests for changes are handled on a best-effort basis only, and on rare occasions changes may not be made for extended periods. We use a set of standard templates to make it practical for us to help clubs that have no site and lack the skills to create one. If you want detailed control of your site, or need frequent updates, this service is not appropriate - you will need to build and host your own site.

Send this information to:

Legal disclaimer: This site, and any site we build for you, is owned and controlled by members of the Traveling Hoedowners. Any site we create will be maintained on a best effort basis only. Further, we reserve the right to refuse a listing on our domain for any reason and may shut down at any time. This is a free service to promote square dancing.

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